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Host Your Event With TicketSpice And Facebook Live
Host Your Event With TicketSpice And Facebook Live
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To assist you in getting your event online as quickly as possible, we have put together the steps for some of our favorite resources. This article will cover the basics of livestreaming with Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is a good option for you if...

  • You're looking for a free option

  • You want to schedule a widely-accessible (many devices, many ways to view) livestream

Note: You will need a separate Facebook account to utilize Facebook Live with TicketSpice.

Set Up

Facebook Live allows you to schedule your livestream or stream instantly. We recommend partnering the scheduled option with TicketSpice. To do this, you'll need an embed code. Facebook will also require you to post the stream to a personal timeline or to a Facebook page/group. We will cover both options below.

Schedule A Live Stream

Decide if you want to share it to your personal timeline or to a page you manage or private group. We give you some pros and cons to consider below.

Set Visibility to Public: Because we want anyone who registers to see your live stream, you'll need to set the visibility to anyone on or off Facebook.

Grab the Embed Code: In the middle, go to stream settings and the window opens up to show an embed code you can paste into your digital access settings.

  • Open your TicketSpice Virtual Event page in your page builder

  • Paste in your Embed Code

Things To Consider | Personal Timeline vs Group Page

Option 1: Publish To Your Personal Timeline

This would allow anyone who is your friend in your personal Facebook account to see your livestream if they visit your timeline while the event is live. This means your Aunt Betsy can see everything. If your preference is privacy, we recommend publishing to a page or group instead.

Option 2: Publish To Your Group Page

Anyone who likes your page or is part of your group can see your livestream. If you want to limit access even further, you can also create a group page for the sole purpose of your event. You can make it a closed group or simply not promote it.


Where can I get additional support for my Facebook settings?

Facebook's Help Center:

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