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Add A Slideshow To Your Virtual Event
Add A Slideshow To Your Virtual Event

Virtual Events | Google Slides | PowerPoint

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If your presentation includes slides, there are a few ways that you can share them with your attendees during a virtual event. For this example, we are using Google Slides. However, we have included the steps for PowerPoint as well.

This article will cover...

  • Generating an embed code for a Google Slides presentation

  • Embedding the slides on your Virtual Event welcome screen

  • Formatting the slides for download

Note: While this article specifically demos slideshow presentations, you can embed any resource as long as you have an embed code.

Generate Your Embed Code

Begin by opening the Google Slides presentation you'd like to share.

Select File - Publish to the web

Select the option to Embed.

​Select a slide size for your presentation.

Next, choose how long you would like each slide to appear.

The auto-advance selection defines how long your Google Slides presentation will display a slide before advancing to the next slide. Notice that three seconds is the default. To make a different selection, select it from the drop-down menu.

Now it is time to determine whether your slideshow starts automatically and whether it loops. Use the checkboxes to customize.

When you've finished making your selections, click the Publish button.

This will generate your embed code. ​

Powerpoint Slides

Embed The Slides On Your Virtual Event Welcome Screen

Place your code on your welcome screen by copying into the space pictured below.

This will add the slides above your other virtual content. It will look like this:

Format The Slides For Download

If you'd like to offer the option for registrants to download the slides, you can add it under downloads.

We recommend setting the option to view only unless your use case specifically includes editing/commenting. Then copy your link.

Once you save and publish, the option will be available to download. It will look like this:

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