Getting Started

You can use this Help Article to help you start setting up your Virtual Event Page. In addition to linking a Live Stream or an On-Demand Video, you can now upload Pre-recorded Videos, here's how:

Select the Virtual Event button

Select LiveStream or On Demand Viewing (it's entirely up to you) both have the Pre-Recorded option available

Select Add Another Session

Add The Following Information in The Session:

  1. Enter the title for your pre-recorded video,

  2. Add a Description if you'd like,

  3. Select Pre-Recorded

Upload your video file by clicking the Upload button, enter the Stream Date, and add Additional info for the post-stream messaging.

Select Save and Publish to Commit Your Changes

Repeat these steps as many times as you need!


Is There aren’t any file size limitations?

Not that we know of.

Is there a recommended file type?

We recommend the following file types: mp4, .webm, or .ogv at 16:9 ratio.

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