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Pre-Recorded Videos With Virtual Events

How Can I Upload A Pre-recorded Video For My Virtual Event?

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Getting Started

You can use this Help Article to help you start setting up your Virtual Event Page. In addition to linking a Live Stream or an On-Demand Video, you can now upload Pre-recorded Videos, here's how:

Select the Virtual Event button

Select LiveStream or On Demand Viewing (it's entirely up to you) both have the Pre-Recorded option available

Select Add Another Session

Add The Following Information in The Session:

  1. Enter the title for your pre-recorded video,

  2. Add a Description if you'd like,

  3. Select Pre-Recorded

Upload your video file by clicking the Upload button, enter the Stream Date, and add Additional info for the post-stream messaging.

Select Save and Publish to Commit Your Changes

Repeat these steps as many times as you need!


What is the upload file size limitation?


Is there a recommended file type?

We recommend the following file types: mp4, .webm, or .ogv at 16:9 ratio.

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