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Dashboard Overview

Below is additional information on...

  • Recent Ticket Orders

  • Map of Visitors and Ticket Orders

  • Ticket Stats

  • Top Ticket Levels

  • Top Coupons

The Recent Ticket Orders section displays the number of customers who have made a transaction in the past 60 days - the amount they paid, how many customers are on the transaction and which page the transaction took place. 

The Map of Visitors and Ticket Orders section displays where the visits to your page are coming from and the ticket order locations. You can use the drop down to switch regions.

Blue = visitors | Green = registrants

Ticket Stats displays which device the customer used while checking out, how many coupons were used, if merchandise was added to the order, and if donations were included on the order. 

Top Ticket Levels display the quantity of how many were sold of each ticket level. Levels are the ticket option labels.  

Top Coupons show you the most popular coupons that were used by your ticket buyers. 


Can I set a custom date range for my dashboard?

Yes, you can set a custom range by selecting Custom and then adding the dates you'd like to view. 

Pro-Tip! Use the Year-to-Date feature to view your growth from the beginning of the year to now, a handy tool to track sales. 

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