Pricing Tiers & Price Points
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In order to Publish your page, you must assign your pricing tiers to each individual seat in your venue. This is done by selecting your seats and then assigning them to a tier. 

Pricing Tiers

Select Pricing Tiers at the top of your screen

Add and name your Pricing Tiers

Select the Add Tier button to add a new tier. Then select the Pencil Icon to edit your Tiers' Names.

Assign Pricing Tiers to your seats

Every seat needs to have a pricing tier assigned to it. You can select seats one by one or you can hold the Shift key to select multiple seats at the same time.

Pro Tips:

  • You can select the entire row by selecting the Row Letter associated on either side of the section. In the sample above, I selected A, B, and C to select the entire row.

  • Holding down the Shift key allows you to select more than one seat at a time.

Save Your Changes 

Price Points

If you offer different price points for the same seat, here is how you can set up the options. 

Select Edit Pricing

Select Edit Price Points

You can set up as many price points as you need. Some common ones would be student, senior, or military. 

Set your price points

You can set different prices to each price point, or use the toggle to keep the default pricing.

Save Your Changes

Now your customers will have the option to select the new price points prior to checking out. 

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