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How To Add A Payment Processor
How To Add A Payment Processor
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This article will show you how to add our in-house payment processor (Webconnex Payments) and other payment processors.

Add Webconnex Payments (WePay) 

Hover over the gear icon and select payment processors. 

Confirm the information on the screen and select Sign Up.

Note: The organization name, email, contact name and reference name are pre-filled with the information provided at sign up. Before signing up, please confirm this information is correct and can be verified with documentation if requested. Clicking Get Started will pop open a window to create a password for your WePay portal. 

To complete the processor verification, hit the red button and complete the 3 step process. 

Add a Custom Payment Processor

To add a payment processor besides Webconnex Payments, select this option - 

Select the Credit Card Payment Method and select the desired Payment Processor from the dropdown.

Provide the required information and press Get Started. 


How do I know my payment processor is live and ready to accept payments? 

The best way to know for certain is to run a payment processor test.

Can I delete transactions I run as a test on a live payment processor? 

No, they will function the same as any transaction in your account, which cannot be deleted. We highly recommend running all tests on a copy of your page to prevent any test data from skewing live reporting and analytics. 

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