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This video is an example of using Zapier to transfer data from TicketSpice registrations to Google Sheets. This feature can be used to create a Google Sheet that is pre-filtered with the information that is useful for you and your team.

Having a Google Sheet can also be a way to create a place for other people such as customers, team captains or volunteers to access the information you want them to see without having access to your TicketSpice account.

Steps to Create The Custom Google Sheet Spreadsheet Through Zapier

  1. Log into your Zapier Account.

  2. Connect and authorize TicketSpice and Google Sheet within Zapier. The following help article where that process is covered: Authorize Software In Zapier

  3. Now that everything is connected, select the "Make A Zap" button on the upper left side to start the magic.

  4. Starting the process of building a Zap will require a pre-built TicketSpice campaign page and a pre-built Google Sheet with each column you want to populate with information having a unique title. It's common for the TicketSpice field and Google Sheet column to have a similar label.

  5. Trigger is the software sending the data, type in RegFox and select.

  6. Trigger Event: TicketSpice has 3 trigger events: new order, new ticket, and new donation.
    - New Order: Lists the available financial information such as billing details, transaction reference, order number, and check-out total. Will also list ticket count in order and merchandise information.

    - New Ticket: Lists questions asked for each ticket, billing info, transaction info, and merchandise info.

    - New Donation: Will list donation information fields, donation amount, date, were fees covered, how much were the fees, is it a recurring donation, and the recurring date. Registration information and billing are also included.

  7. Choose the account. If you already have your linked TicketSpice page you will find it in the drop-down menu to choose from. If you need to add a new account that can be done by clicking on the 'Manage Connected Accounts' just above the drop-down menu.

  8. Set Up Trigger. Choose campaigns will give you an active list of your pages in your RegFox account. If you do not see the campaign double-check that the page is published. If it is click the 'Refresh Fields' button just below the drop-down menu.

  9. Test The Trigger **will not pull in real data**, you can skip this step. If you do test the trigger the system will show pre-filled information.

Creating the Action within GoogleSheets

  1. Action is an event a Zap performs after it starts. TicketSpice is sending the data to the software you select here, Select Google Sheets.

    After selecting Google Sheets, you will now select the Action Event for what is going to be performed. Create Spreadsheet Row is the most common.

    Zapier setting up Google Sheet action event

  2. If your Google Sheet account was authorized beforehand it will be in the drop-down menu. If another Google Sheet account is needed select the Manage button in the right corner of the window.

  3. Set Up Action is where those Google Sheet column labels will be displayed. Each Google Sheet column can be filled with a RegFox field by clicking in the section.
    - If you want to place multiple fields in a single column using a comma to separate them is recommended.

  4. Once each Google Sheet field is filled out to your goals, Test Action of the Zap with pre-filled information from RegFox. Turn it on if you are ready for it.


Q: I can't find my TicketSpice account when trying to link it to Zapier?

A: Add the email you signed up with Zapier as a user to your TicketSpice Account.

Q: The columns I named at the top in Google Sheets are not displaying under Set Up Action in Zapier.

A: First check the Google-connected account is the same that is hosting your Google Sheet. Once confirmed, click the refresh fields button on the Setup Action Section. Finally, refresh both the Google and Zapier pages.

Q: Can I select an option within a Ticketspice field to send to a Google Sheet column?

A: Only the whole field can be selected, such as choosing the whole Registration Option vs a selection within the Registration Option.

Q: Where can I find more information about Google Sheets and Zapier?

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