TicketSpice to Gmail (Zapier)
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Using Zapier to send a customized email through Gmail can be set up. Using this integration is a great way to build custom emails to send to specific registration groups.

Steps to Create The Custom Gmail Message Through Zapier

  1. Log into your Zapier Account.

  2. Connect and authorize TicketSpice and Gmail within Zapier. Please read the
    following help article where that process is covered: Authorize Software In Zapier

  3. Now that everything is connected, select "Make A Zap" button on the upper left side to start the magic.

  4. Trigger is the software sending the data, type in TicketSpice and select.

  5. Choose The Trigger Event TicketSpice has 3 trigger events: new order, new ticket, and new donation.
    - New Order: Lists the available financial information such as billing details, transaction reference, order number, and check-out total. Will also list ticket count in order and merchandise information.

    - New Ticket: Lists questions asked for each ticket, billing info, transaction info, and merchandise info.

    - New Donation: Will list donation information fields, donation amount, date, were fees covered, how much were the fees, is it a recurring donation, and the recurring date. Registration information and billing are also included.

  6. Choose Account is where you choose the linked TicketSpice account. You can also connect a new TicketSpice Account by clicking the Manage button.

  7. Set Up Trigger is where you select the TicketSpice campaign you want to gather the data from to send to Gmail. Multiple campaigns can be selected.

  8. Test The Trigger will not pull in real data, you can skip this step. If you do test the trigger the system will show pre-filled information.

    Creating the Action within Gmail

  1. An Action is an event a Zap performs after it starts.

  2. Choose which software your TicketSpice data will be sent to under the Choose App & Event.

    Zapier app action selection
  3. The Acton Event will be the task that is performed. These are unique to each software platform.

    Zapier action event selection

  4. Set Up Action is where your creativity can be put on display. The title sections you are seeing are from Gmail.
    - When you click in the search section you are selecting the TicketSpice field that will be the data point to match to Gmail.
    - Pro Tip: You can click into the search bar and type in the name of the field you are looking for.

    Zapier inserting data into a field

    For a field like CC or BCC, this will most likely be a standard admin email that is not collected on the event page. Typed in those email addresses you want to keep in the loop.

    The body section is the part where the email is created. This is where you can add in TicketSpice fields from your page to fill in parts of the email that you want to be customized based on the submitted information from your customer.

  5. Test the Zap and turn it on if you are ready for it.
    **All test information is fake info from TicketSpice**


    Q: Is there a help article written by Gmail or Zapier?
    A: Yes! Zapier help articles written for Gmail.

    Q: I can't find my TicketSpice account when trying to link it to Zapier?
    A: Add the email you signed up with Zapier as a user to your TicketSpice Account.

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