Download a Webconnex Payments Payout Report

The Payout Report helps you to reconcile your bank deposits

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If you're using Webconnex Payments you can view and download a payout report by logging into your Webconnex Payments Portal (soon to be accessible from inside your TicketSpice account). Payout Reports will display all the settled Webconnex Payment transactions grouped by payout batch. This report is best used to help reconcile bank deposits.

The Order Reference column in the Payout Report can be used to match transactions to an order export, and the Gateway Reference on a transactions export can be used to map to the reference ID.

Login to your Webconnex Payments Portal

  • From the Pages screen in your TicketSpice account, hover your mouse over the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of your account

  • Select Payment Processors from the dropdown

  • Click View Payment Portal on the Webconnex Payment payment processor tile

  • It will ask you to login. Use the same login information that you use to login to TicketSpice

  • It will ask you to select which account you'd like to access (this is incase you have multiple accounts)

Download the Payout Report

  • From the home screen of the payments portal, select Reports from the top menu bar

  • Click on the Payout Report

  • Set the date range you would like to download

A sample Payout Report is displayed below


Bank_Transfer: This is the payout. Settled funds that have been transferred to your bank account.

Capture: Funds captured from a successful payment that have been added to your balance account. The final status should be Settled.

Refund: All funds returned from a Successful payment that have been deducted from your balance account. Final status should be Refunded.

Partial refund: Some funds returned from a successful payment that have been deducted from your balance account. The final status should be Partially Refunded

Chargeback: The payment was disputed by the customer, and the funds have been deducted from your balance account until there is a final resolution. Webconnex Payments withdraws the disputed funds from your account.

Internal Transfer (soon to be labeled Chargeback Fee): Fees are charged to your account when a chargeback is initiated. The current chargeback fee is $15.

ChargebackReversed: You defended the chargeback successfully, or the customer re-paid the funds. Webconnex Payments has transferred the funds back to your account. If the defense is successful, this is the final status. We do not refund the $15 fee when a chargeback is reversed.

Final Statuses from the above transaction types:

Settled: The funds from the payment have been received by Webconnex Payments, this is the final status for successful payments. This status does not automatically mean the funds have been paid out to you, this depends on your payout frequency.

Refunded: The financial institution has refunded the customer and the funds have been deducted from your account.

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