Customize the Confirmation Page

How to customize the confirmation page that attendees see after reserving tickets for your event

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The confirmation page is where a ticket purchaser lands after successfully submitting their order.

Getting Started

  • From your Page Builder, click Confirmation Page at the top of your screen

Pop Up Settings

  • The first option is the "Show pop-up" checkbox. Check this box to enable a pop-up on your confirmation page, or uncheck this box to disable the pop-up.

  • The pop-up window can either prompt your ticket buyers to share to Facebook or Twitter as shown below (click here to learn more). Or a custom message. Click Edit Pop-up to choose your pop up type. Both examples are shown below.

  • Sample custom message

  • When you select Edit Pop-up and choose Custom Confirmation pop-up message, a text editor box will appear (WYSIWYG) where you can enter the custom text you'd like to appear on the pop-up.

NOTE: The pop-up will not appear when submitting orders in Preview Mode.

Customize Your Message Content

By default, the confirmation email will include "Your Order Details Are Below" with a ##registrants ##billing. The ##registrants will pull in all of the order details and the ##billing will pull in all of the billing details. You can delete one or the other out as needed. Just note, if you delete both out, they will auto-add back in.

Some recommended details to include in your confirmation email might be: event-specific details, location, and directions.

Additional Settings

Clicking Additional Options button below the text editor will reveal additional settings. The first three are enabled by default, but can be turned off. And the remaining three can be turned on.

Show Tax Deductible Values

  • If you happen to be utilizing the tax deductible values in any of the fields (typically only utilized by 501c3s) you can enable the option to display that value on the confirmation page.

  • Below is an image of how this will display on the confirmation page

Show Apple Wallet

  • Apple Wallet will display on the confirmation page to let attendees easily add and access their tickets from their Apple Wallet app on their iOS devices. You can uncheck the box to hide apple wallet.

Show Add to Calendar

Add to Calendar gives attendees the ability to add your event to their calendars. If you have a multi-day event, this will only show the start date of the event shown under Settings -> Dates -> Event Start Date. NOTE: Soon, we'll be pulling in dynamic dates to people's calendars.

Promote Another Page

Enabling this will add a custom button to the confirmation page where you can promote and link your organization's website, storefront, a sponsor, or the website of your choosing.

Automatically Redirect to Another Website

Once a ticket buyer completes their order, they will be automatically sent to another website after 5 seconds. This is great if you'd like to redirect people to your organization's website, storefront, or a donation page after ordering tickets. But just be mindful, it isn't as commonly used because many ticket buyers like to first review their order and confirmation details prior to selecting to go to another website or navigate away.

Allow international text messages for ticket delivery

Ticket buyers with an international phone number can receive tickets via text message when this is enabled.


Q: Can I setup a different confirmation page by ticket type?

A: The settings and message on the confirmation page will be the same for all ticket buyers. But their page will display their custom order information.

Q: How can I hide the tickets from the confirmation? We won't be scanning them.

A: To hide tickets from the confirmation, you would remove the ##registrants from the confirmation page and confirmation email. They will then see everything else in the confirmation email, but not the ticket block.

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