Organize and group ticket levels into categories

How to beautifully organize many ticket levels into groupings of categories to help your buyers find the right ticket options for them

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If your ticketing page has a plethora of ticket levels, you may consider utilizing ticket categories. Ticket categories allow you to group tickets into organized sets. Your customers see a nice accordion style block that reveals tickets in each group.

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Sample view of Categories

Here is an example ticket page with multiple ticket levels, and then the same ticketing page with the addition of 3 ticket categories.

Enable ticket categories

  • From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to add Categories to

  • Click the Edit Ticket Information button

  • Scroll down and click Advanced Options

  • Toggle the Enable Ticket Categories to Yes

  • Click the Add Ticket Category button

Customize Your Categories

Each ticket category has a name, optional description, and row color. NOTE: The text color on the ticket categories is always white. So choose a color that white text will be legible one.

  • Give each category a title

  • Add a description

  • Set the background color

  • Toggle Yes or No on whether you'd like the category to be open (revealing all of it's ticket levels) by default

Assign ticket levels to a categories

Once you enable categories, a new dropdown will appear under each ticket level where you can choose to assign the ticket level to a category, or leave it unassigned (No Category).

NOTE: Ticket levels that have No Category will appear below the category grouping on your live page.

Hit Done and Save your changes and you can now Preview your Categories.


Q: What does the Open By Default option in Ticket Categories do?

A: If it's enabled it means that the Category is open and the Ticket Levels can be seen, it looks like this:

If Open by Default is disabled, then the tickets will be hidden behind the category's heading the plus button is clicked, revealing the tickets in that category.

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