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Change price based on day of the the week or time slot
Change price based on day of the the week or time slot

Set a conditional logic action that will help you make more money on your most popular and preferred times and drive attendance on slow days

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This is a great way to charge more during busy days/times or less during slow days/times of your week. If you know Saturdays are super busy, increasing the price a bit for Saturday mornings might be a great way to encourage some people to book other days or time of the week, or to increase revenue for those Saturday mornings. Likewise, if midweek is rather slow, a way to drive attendance is to decrease price during those times.

💡Use Case Idea: You can perform the inverse of this action by choosing to decrease price on certain days and times of the week. If you often have low attendance mid-week, you may consider decreasing prices during those days/times to generate increased attendance.

Navigate to Actions

From the Pages screen click the Pencil icon on the page you’d like to create an action to increase price based on the day of the week and/or time slot

Click the Actions tab

Click Create Your First Action or press the plus button to add an additional action

Set Your Trigger

From the Triggers dropdown select Ticket Date Selection (this refers to the date their ticket is good for)

Select Day of the Week Is

Then select the day(s) of the week you'd like to have prices increase

If you'd also like the price increase to only apply to certain time slots on the specified days, click Add Trigger

Select Ticket Time Slot

Choose Selection Is

Select the time slot(s) you'd like this price increase to apply to

Check the box All of these must be true in order for it to only apply to those specific day(s)/time(s)

Set Your Action

From the Actions drop down in the right column, select Increase Price

Add the percentage or fixed dollar amount you'd like to increase the price by

Then select the ticket level(s) or other fields you'd like the price to increase for

Save & Set Live

Click the Save Action button

Click the Publish button to set your changes live

Now, on this sample live page, it shows $20 for a regular day

And $30 for a date/time that was set for the price to increase by $10

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