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Text Messaging Feature Overview
Text Messaging Feature Overview

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Please note: Currently, you can only choose US-based phone numbers for sending messages. We are looking to add Canadian numbers in the future.

Reach your audience in near real-time with text message marketing. Text message communication has 5x more engagement than email and is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. We have developed our own text message-sending platform that lets you send to all your past attendees with just a few steps.

This article will cover the setup and basics of text message marketing, from creating your account to sending messages and managing your plans.

Most popular ways to use Text Messaging:

  • Start announcing new events

  • Offering special discounts

  • Having limited-time promotions and specials

  • Distributing important information before and during the event

  • Post-event communication and follow up

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Start by navigating to the Text Messaging tab within your account.

Next, Sign-Up Specific to a single product


  • 1 plan = 1 product = 1 SMS 10-digit phone number

  • A single plan cannot be used across multiple products

You will be taken through the sign-up process to obtain the 10-digit phone number.

Submit your personal information to authorize yourself. If there are urgent issues with your text messaging service, this is who is contacted.

Once submitted, you should see a Successful Submission Status Screen.

Brand Verification

To stop spam, carriers require each organization to go through brand verification and have its own number. Shared sending numbers are not allowed anymore.

Brand verification requires a one-time $49 activation fee to the carriers to review and approve your brand. This process takes a few minutes to submit and is approved within minutes after submission. The brand verification will approve the information submitted.

Reserve a Text Number

Then you reserve your own dedicated brand number you will use to send text messages out from.

Note: Be sure to update any existing phone fields you want to capture phone numbers to be assigned mobile phone type and also show the opt-in language.

You can search by area code or search a last 4-digit number specifically.

Once the phone number is chosen, you are ready to start creating your first text!

Create your text message

Review & Schedule the text message

Once that section is filled out, select the Send Text Message button

Congrats! 🎉 You have sent or scheduled your first text message.

Managing Phone Number

Managing phone numbers is an important part of any text message marketing plan. Our platform enables you to manage multiple phone numbers, allowing you to send out more personalized messages and campaigns to different segments within your audience.

Note: While customers can delete their existing phone number and choose a new one, if they have already been sending text messages with a number, changing is strongly discouraged. You could cause undue confusion as your customers would be getting messages from a new number. Once deleted, there is no way to recover the number.

Managing Text Plan

Our platform also allows you to manage your text message plans and note how many messages you are sending within a certain period of time. This will enable you to customize your plans and optimize your campaigns more effectively.

You can view and manage your text plan at any time by clicking on the View Text Plan link


Does this feature offer phone numbers outside of the US?
Our SMS does not currently. US numbers are only available.

Which users can use Text Messaging on my account?

Users with “full access” enabled have the ability to add Text Messaging to a product, send/schedule messages, create keywords, etc.

How do I upgrade my text messaging plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan as well as cancel your plan from the View Text Plan screen below.

Why is my TicketSpice Organization name showing up on the text message?
The new carrier guidelines require that the first message we send to any number includes the name of the sender.
TicketSpice won't send that in subsequent messages. If you want to change your organization name you can update it in the Organization Details. The message will display the updated name for any future sends.

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