Text message keyword auto-responders

How to set up an auto-reply sms text messages to a specific keyword

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Autoresponders are a great ways to quickly give ticket buyers the ability to receive directions, links for tickets, check the status of the event, and more.

A common keyword you might set up is "directions" so when customers text in the word directions they will get sent back a text with the address to the event.

Create Keyword auto-responders

  • From the Pages screen, click Text Messaging from the top navigation bar

  • head to the Text Messaging tab in your account. Then select Keywords from the list of options on the left side of the screen

  • Click the Create Keyword button

  • Enter the keyword for example directions - They keyword is the word that your attendees will text-in to your text message number

  • Enter the message you'd like to auto-send back to the person after they text the keyword

  • Enter the Hint - If your attendees text-in the word help it will give them a list of the keywords and the associated hint or description of what the keyword will get them


Can I create multiple text message key words?

Yes, you can create multiple text message keywords.


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