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Remove TicketSpice from your URL - Custom Domain
Remove TicketSpice from your URL - Custom Domain

How to remove TicketSpice from your page url

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This feature will allow you to use your unique domain to keep your brand visible to your customers, improve SEO and better track conversions accurately on your marketing platforms of choice (Facebook, Google, etc.).

You'll be able to manage your own subdomain to TicketSpice.

  • Instead of

  • Use your own domain like


$150 per domain per year, renewed annually unless a customer deletes the domain.

How It Works

  • There can only be 1 unique domain per product (a total of 4 per account).

  • Domains cannot be shared across products.

  • Adding a custom domain requires you (the admin) to make updates to the domain and it requires us (TicketSpice) to make updates to our platform as well.

  • Allow 1-2 business days for the custom domain to take effect from initial purchase. It could be faster depending on how quickly you complete your tasks.

  • Customers must have an active product with a credit card on file before they can add a custom domain to the product.

  • Once a page is republished, following the successful setup of the custom domain, the previous URL will take visitors to the new URL automatically.

Getting Started

Select Custom Domains from the Extras tab

Click the Add Domain button

Choose the Product you are adding the subdomain to

Enter Subdomain Name

Follow the on-screen instructions if needed to refresh the page for next steps.

There will be instructions to add three records to your domain DNS to confirm you own the domain name and allow it to be used on the TicketSpice platform.

You will need to add two TXT records and one CNAME record with the company that currently hosts/manages your domain name (e.g. GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, NameCheap, etc.).

The name and values will be displayed. Please consult your domain provider if you need help adding these records. The process can vary.

After you've added the records to your DNS, an automated process will validate them. This process can take 24 hours.

You will see a status of "Validated" for both records.

Once validated our team is alerted. Within 1-2 business days we will update our system to re-route traffic to use the new URL.

You will be given instructions to re-publish any pages to use the new domain. Re-publishing is required for the new domain to take effect.

Active domains will appear like this:

Edit/Delete Domain

To edit domains you will need to delete the domain.

The domain will be in a pending state until permanently deleted.


Why can't I see Custom Domains under the Extras tab?

If you aren't seeing Custom Domains under the Extras tab, it could because you don't have user permissions to access it. In which case, we would recommend reaching out to your account owner to add it or update your permissions.

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