Dynamic Options Field

Reference an external file to drive the options available.

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Note: This is an advanced user field that requires working knowledge of JSON as well as online file hosting

This field is used when you might have a multiple choice list of items that exceed our character limit (I.e. 50+ items to select from within one question). This Dynamic Option can be added in the page builder and it uses an external json file to drive the content of the field.

(Examples: Wanting an extended list of multiple choice options that's longer than our character limit allows).

Set Up:

Click the Add icon to add a field.

Select the Dynamic Option field.

Add the link to your json file:

Note: a json file link will look like https://assets.webconnex.com/dynamic-field.json

Additional Settings:

  • You can append a search term:

  • You can allow for multiple select: This allows the registrant to select multiple of the options.

Click Done then Save

Publish the Page

Example Page:

Note: You can search the option or scroll for the option:


  • Can this be used on options with financial values? No

  • Can this be used with options that have limited supplies? No

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