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Incorporate Social Media With Your TicketSpice Page
Incorporate Social Media With Your TicketSpice Page

Share & Like Buttons | Share & Thank | AddThis Floating Buttons

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Social media is the ideal way to encourage attendees to promote your event. This article will teach you how to increase your social media presence by incorporating social media into your TicketSpice event page.

This article will cover...

Pro Tip! In partnership with this article, we recommend checking out our guide on Customizing Your Social Media Post. This will walk through customizing what other people will see when your event is shared on social media.


Pop-Up With Share and Like Buttons

This pop-up allows attendees to share your ticket page on their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To Customize The Pop-up

Select the Confirmation Page in the Nav Bar, then select Edit Pop-Up

The Title and Subtitle can be customized. Pictured below is how both will be displayed.

Please note: The pop-up will not display while the page is in preview mode.

To Disable the Pop-Up

By default, the pop-up with the share and like buttons is enabled on the confirmation page. If you'd like to disable this pop-up, uncheck the box labeled Show pop-up with share and like buttons.


Share and Thank

The Share and Thank feature will display a Facebook Share button on your event page and then show a custom message afterwards.

To Add the Share and Thank feature to your page.

The Button Text and the Thank You Message can both be customized.

Popular Use Cases For This Feature

  • Show a custom message

  • Share a gif

  • Share a coupon code for a discount


AddThis Floating Social Buttons

The AddThis Social Buttons are another awesome way for attendees to share your event page on their social media accounts.

To enable the AddThis Floating Social Buttons on your page.

Click on Promote in the navigation bar, then select Social Media. Scroll down on the page and toggle On the Turn on AddThis Floating Social Buttons option.

Once enabled, you can also add an AddThis account ID to capture metrics and reports. This is optional and not necessary for the button's social sharing capabilities.

More information about using AddThis analytics can be found here.


Social Proof

Create more conversions by displaying real-time attendee activity.

Toggle on social proof to show who just ordered on the live page.

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