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Require attendees to sign a digital waiver
Require attendees to sign a digital waiver

Create and require signed digital waivers from your attendees prior to attending your event

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Our Terms field is great for needing to agree to basic terms when submitting the registration. However, our Waivers field allows each registrant to sign their own waiver before they receive their registration confirmation & QR code.

Add the waivers field to your page under the Ticket Levels.

You can edit the instructions to your attendees, add your waiver text, and also add the ability to require photo and/or photo of ID along with the signature requirement.

When an attendee selects tickets with the Waiver field, they will see the instructions as they purchase their tickets.

On the confirmation page and email, the ticket holder will see a Signature Required notice instead of their tickets.

They can copy the waiver links to send to the other ticket holders on the order.

As each ticket holder signs their waiver, the confirmation page will update dynamically to show who still needs to sign.

Once all signatures are captured, the biller will receive the full confirmation with all the tickets.

Note: Ticket holders will not get their tickets until they've signed their waiver.

📱 In the Ticketspice Scan App, you can still look up all tickets, but you will see if they've signed their waiver or not. If someone is showing you their ticket, they most likely have signed a waiver, but it is good practice to always double check.

👀 You can also see their signed waiver from the Ticket Details Screen from the admin panel.

Ticket Details is under Orders > Click the Tickets Tab > Click on the Name of the Person to get into the details of their tickets.

Once downloaded, the image below is what the signed waiver will look like.

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