Accept Pre-Registrations with card on file

Allow people to hold or reserve tickets with a card on file that you can charge later

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Pre-registration allows people to sign up for your event, but not pay or be issued tickets until you approve them. This is often used in cases where there is a chance your event might not take place, possibly due to weather or permits, etc. Or, if you'd like to personally verify people prior to them paying and being issued tickets, like an application process.

Feature Pricing: $0.99/pre-registration. You will be asked to put a credit/debit card on file (if you haven't already) in order to use this feature. That card will be charged once every 30 days for the number of people who pre-register during that timeframe.

In this help article we will go over:


Enable Pre Registration on the page

In the top navigation bar click on the Settings tab and Pre-Registration from the dropdown menu. Then click on the toggle to switch Pre-Registration from No to Yes to enable it.

Edit the Payment Method field by selecting the pencil icon in the billing section of your page

In the top navigation bar click on Page Builder and head to the billing section at the bottom of the page.

Note - You can add this feature to a pre-existing page.

Toggle Pre Registration to 'On' and Toggle Credit Card 'Off'

This toggle switching allows all registrants to register and provide payment information without being charged anything at the time of purchase. Our system will preauthorize their credit card information to ensure its validity.

Optional 1: You can customize the label for the Pre Registration to fit the theme of your event.

Optional 2: Display custom instructions for Pre Registration provide your customers with more additional clarity if needed.

To customize the accompanying instructions, go to the top navigation bar select Settings and Pre-Registration from the dropdown menu. This is the same place you enabled the Pre-Registration feature.

The instructions will display at the end of the billing section of the page as well as at the top of the confirmation page. They also will see a notice on the confirmation as well.

Confirmation Page & Email:


View and edit orders

Once the order is submitted it can be viewed under the Orders Tab located in the main page navigation bar. The order is in a Pre-Registered status until completed by you.

Note: Pre-registered orders do not count towards the event's revenue until approved by clicking the Complete Button for the registration. They also cannot be scanned in with the Scanning App until they have completed status.


The order will be given a Pre Registered status in your reporting.

Complete a Pre-Registration Order

Under the Pre Registration Tab, you can complete orders one by one or select multiple to complete at the same time. Completing a Pre-Registration order will charge the attendee's credit card on file and send the billing email address a new confirmation that will include their valid tickets that can be scanned at your event.

Note: This table shows the biller name, registrant count within the order, and the ability to complete the order.

My Pages Display

When using the in-line display on TicketSpice My Pages here is how to read the total sales and registrant breakdown.

Total Sales: Completed Gross Sales / Pre-registrations pending revenue.
Registrants: Completed Registrants / Number of registrants in a Pre-registrations pending status.
- When a pre-registration is completed the value will transfer to the left side of the slash/

When using the block display on RegFox My Pages here is how to read the total sales and registrant breakdown.

- The large dollar amount is the Completed Gross Sales.

- The blue hyperlinked registrants number is Completed Registrants.

- Pre-Registrations: Number of Pre-registrations pending revenue / Number of registrants in a Pre-registrations pending status.

Managing Declines

If the order declines for any reason (most often the cause will be billing information that has expired or changed after submitting the order), the billing email will be sent an email to update their card information.

Update card on file from the admin side.
From the Pre Registration reporting page, you will have the option to update the card. This gives the registrant the option to call in the updated information instead.


Is this compatible with International currencies?

This feature is currently not available for pages processing in CAD, GBP, or Euros.

Does this feature deduct inventory from event capacity or ticket limited supply?

Yes, if your ticket options are limited in supply a pre-registration order will deduct from that inventory number.

Example: Your event is selling 25 VIP spots and accepting Pre Registrations only. The first 25 people to sign up for this VIP option will be pre-registered for it. No one else can pre-register for it.

Merchandise inventory will also be deducted if there is a limited supply.

How to cancel a Pre Registration order?

Canceling orders will make room in your limited inventory as well. To cancel an order head to the Orders tab in your main TicketSpice screen. View more details of the specific order and click the Cancel button at the top of the screen.

Read in more detail how to cancel an order.

Can an order be edited that is in Pre Registration status?

Yes, an order can be edited in Pre Registration status. Edit the order just like you would in completed status. When you save the edit the system will not charge. The order will be updated and ready for you to complete the transaction.

Switching back to live sales once the event is taking place, what to do?

Congrats! Your event is moving forward. What to do next?
1. Accept your pre-registration orders.

2. Turn off the Pre Registration feature under page Settings > Pre Registration > Toggle Off.

3. Edit the billing settings > payment method > toggle on Allow Credit Card

4. Save and Publish.

5. Moving forward ticket sales will be charged at the time of purchase.

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