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Terms & Conditions
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You can have your customers agree to Terms & Conditions before checking out. 

Start by adding a Terms field to your page. 

Hover over your page and hit the plus ( + ) icon to display the full menu of options. 

You can display your terms as Text or a PDF. 

For text, type the specifics into the Agreement Text box.

For PDF, you'll be given the option to upload a file.

By default, the field will require the users to check a box. But if you prefer to collect a signature instead, toggle this option on: 

Hit done to save your changes. 

Great job! Now that field will be required for your customers to complete prior to checking out on the page. 


How do I download the signature I've collected?

You can export the signatures as png images:
1. Hover over Reports and select Exporter

2. Select the Signatures Export Type

3. Choose the page you would like to export signatures from and download in a png file. Click the options below for additional exporting functions and to see a sample of a signature export.
See a sample.

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