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If your ticketing page has a plethora of ticket levels, you may want to consider utilizing ticket categories. Ticket categories allow you to group tickets into organized sets. Your customers see a nice accordion style block that reveals tickets in each group. 

Here is an example ticket page with multiple ticket levels, and then the same ticketing page with the addition of 3 ticket categories. 

Here is how to enable and assign ticket categories:

Select Edit Ticket Information: 

Scroll Down To The Bottom of the Menu and Click "Advanced"
Clicking the advanced link opens up additional settings for your tickets.

Inside Advanced Setting, Enable the Toggle Switch for Ticket Categories
This will reveal a button below it to start creating your various ticket categories.

Add Your Ticket Categories
Each ticket category has a name, optional description, and row color. Please note that the text color on the ticket categories is always white. So choose a color that white text will be legible one.  

Assign Your Ticket Levels To Categories
Once you add categories to your ticketing page, a new dropdown will appear with each ticket level. You can assign each ticket level to an appropriate category.

Please note: Tickets levels which do not have a category assigned will be displayed below the grouping of categories.

Hit Done
Your tickets now are in a custom block that can be expanded and collapsed! Hooray!


Q: What does the "Open By Default" option in Ticket Categories do?

A: If it's enabled it means that the Category is open and the Ticket Levels can be seen, it looks like this:

If this is disabled, then your Ticket Categories are closed and will look like this, and your attendees will have to select the plus sign to see the Ticket Levels:

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