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The confirmation page is where a ticket purchaser lands after successfully submitting their order. 

To customize this page, select Confirmation Page in the nav bar. 

The first setting is the "Show pop-up with share and like buttons" checkbox. Check this box to enable the pop-up on your confirmation page, or uncheck this box to disable the pop-up.

The pop-up can function one of two ways:

  • Pop-up will allow attendees to share your event page on their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. This guide walks through setting that up in more detail.

Pop-up can display a custom message.

Select the "Custom confirmation pop-up message" option, then add the custom message in the text editor below.

*Please note, the pop-up will not appear while the page is in preview mode.

Next step is customizing the Confirmation Page's content. 🎉

This is useful for including event-specific details, location, and directions.

Underneath the text editor, there are a few additional options that can be enabled by clicking on Additional Options.

- Show QR Code

The QR code is what our Ticket Scanning App scans to check attendees in to your event. Unchecking this box does not disable the QR code.

- Show Tax Deductible Values

Enable the Tax Deductible Values if you'd like them displayed on the confirmation page.

-Show Apple Wallet

Enable Apple Wallet on the confirmation page to let attendees easily add and access their confirmation from the Apple Wallet app on their iOS devices.

-Show Add to Calendar

Enable Add to Calendar to give attendees the ability to add your event to their calendars.

-Promote another page

Enabling this will add a custom button to the confirmation page where you can promote and link your organization's website or storefront.

- Automatically redirect to another website

Attendees will be automatically sent to another website after 5 seconds. This is great if you'd like to redirect attendees to your organization's website, storefront, or a donation page after ordering tickets.

- Allow international text messages for ticket delivery

Attendees with international phone numbers can receive tickets via text message when this is enabled.


What is the purpose of the ##registrants and ##billing on the confirmation page?

These codes will automatically pull in a summary of the order and the billing (receipt) details on the confirmation page. They can be removed if that is your preference. The entire process can be tested in preview mode, so you can view how these options appear to the customer.

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