Stripe is a custom payment gateway that is compatible with TicketSpice. In this article, we will cover: 

  • Custom gateway fee and billing 

  • Set up 

Custom Gateway Fee & Billing 

There is a 1% custom gateway fee to use this payment gateway. Both the 1% and the $0.99/ticket will be billed monthly to a card on file. 

Cost Summary: $0.99/ticket + 1% + Stripe processing fees

Set Up

Login to your Stripe account. 

Toggle from Test Mode to Live Mode to activate your account. 

Fill in your account details and save.

To link the payment gateway to RedPodium, you'll need a Live Secret Key and a Live Public Key. 

To locate these, select API keys under the Developers tab. 

Toggle to live mode to generate the keys. 

On the Ticketspice side, select payment gateways from your main menu. 

Select Stripe from the dropdown, plug in the keys you generated, and save. 

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