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How do I process payments through TicketSpice and which providers can I use?

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TicketSpice Preferred Payment Processor 

TicketSpice works with 10 different payment processors to power your event (see below for complete list). To offer you the best pricing, service, and features, we have partnered with Wepay to offer a customized payment solution for events called Webconnex Payments. It offers reduced pricing of 2.99% flat for all credit cards without an additional per transaction fee commonly of 30 cents. You get payouts before your event and can choose daily, weekly, or monthly payouts.

Our TicketSpice team has a direct channel of support with the Wepay team and we can offer enhanced customer service for all your payment processing needs. Because of this partnership and preferred pricing, there is a 1% fee when using 3rd party payment processors that are not our preferred and default provider. We cannot offer the same level of technical support and service with other processors.

Wepay's pricing for TicketSpice is 2.99% flat for all cards and is currently available for processing in USD and CAD.

3rd Party Payment Processors.

TicketSpice is compatible with the following payment processors and are subject to a 1% additional fee unless used in conjunction with a partner network (see below). Each payment provider may have varying compatibility for certain currencies and may have rules, prohitibed uses, and funding constraints.

Paya (formerly Sage)

Waiving the 1% 3rd Party Payment Processor Fee

To waive the 1% 3rd party payment processing fee, you can use our processing partner, Cornerstone Payment Systems and get a custom processing quote. When using Cornerstone, you can use the following payment processing gateways without an additional fee:

Other payment methods not yet supported

ApplePay, PayPal, GooglePay, and Crypto currencies are currently not supported but are on our future roadmap for exploration.

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