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How to sell add-ons, upgrades, and products
How to sell add-ons, upgrades, and products

Sell merchandise and add-ons on your page. Even learn how to make a merchandise only page

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Utilize the merchandise field to upsell event products, add-ons, upgrades, etc. If you are looking to only sell merchandise and not event tickets, we'll show you a way to do so.

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Getting Started

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to add merchandise to

  • Scroll down below the ticket block and hover your mouse over the field you'd like to add the merchandise field after and click the plus button to add a new field

  • Select the Merchandise field from the Financial Information column

Add a single merchandise item

  • To add a single merchandise item, either click the Add Product button or edit the merchandise items added by default

  • Add the name of the product (ie Booklet, T-shirt, etc)

  • Give a description of the item if applicable

  • Add an image of the item - Either select and already uploaded image or upload a new one

  • Set the price

  • Set the inventory available if there is a limited supply

Add merchandise with different sizes or options

  • If your merchandise item offers various sizes, colors, options, etc you will want to click the + Add Variant button

  • Label each option such what size or color, etc it is

  • Set a price and inventory for each option

Advanced Settings

Under advanced settings in the merchandise field, there are a handful of options:

  • Limited Selections - This can be used if you'd like to limit how many merchandise items a ticket buyer can select. ie if the desire is to only let someone choose 1 merchandise item, it will disable the ability to add additional (sample video below)

  • Show Remaining Supply - This can publicly display how many merchandise items are remaining per product

  • Enable Tax Deductible Values - This is where a value can be applied for each item and will issue a tax deductible value on their confirmation and a year-end tax deductible statement can be sent including this value as well.

  • Show Description on Confirmation - If a description was included with the products, this can also be displayed on the confirmation if needed

  • Hide images - If no images are provided with the products displayed, the show image option can be turned off so it removes the placeholder image.

Sample of limiting selection to 1

Be sure to save and publish your changes in order for them to go live.


Q: Is there an additional cost to sell merchandise on my TicketSpice page?

A: There are no additional fees to sell items through the merchandise field. This option is included in the standard TicketSpice fee of $0.99/registrant plus your credit card processing fee.

Q: How do I setup a Merchandise Only page?

A: Below are some steps on how to setup a Merchandise Only page:

  • Create a new Standard page

  • Edit the ticket levels to represent your merchandise items instead of ticket levels

  • If you have items with various sizes, colors, etc add each item as it's own 'ticket level'

  • Now people can make their merchandise selections without having to also purchase a ticket

  • NOTE: Unlike using the typical merchandise field where there is no additional cost, when you add merchandise into the ticket block, each item selected will be $0.99.


  • You can setup a standard ticketing page

  • Add a ticket level that is set to $0

  • Then add a merchandise field down below the ticket block

  • In this scenario someone would select 1 $0 ticket and then select their merchandise

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