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The image gallery field is commonly used to showcase images related to your event such as attractions, amenities, experiences, etc. It can help build excitement and anticipation for what your attendees can expect at your event.

To include an image gallery in a ticketing page would typically require a designer to create a collage. But not with TicketSpice. We provide you design capabilities to easily upload your images. Read on to see how.

How to Add an Image Gallery

From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to add an image gallery to

If you'd like to add the image gallery to the header of your page (above your tickets), find the dotted line break and click the plus button

Select the Image Gallery field

Image Gallery Settings

Once you select the field, it will display many of the possible settings. More will be revealed as you make certain selections. Let's walk through some of them.

Layout Settings

You can choose to display your images in rows or columns.

Example of Rows

In this example we have cropped into circles and included text to be placed to the right of the images

Example of Columns

In this example we have cropped into circles and included text to be positioned on the bottom of the images

Crop Settings

Rectangle Shape Example

Rounded Corners Example

This is where you can have a rectangle image, but have the corners slightly rounded

Width Settings

Make gallery full width

This will have your image, and/or the text span the entire width of your page instead of being contained in the middle part of the page

Mobile Settings

Set as rows or columns on mobile

This allows you to have a row display on desktop and columns on mobile or vice versa. People might choose to have mobile different than desktop if they feel it is easier to view any particular way

Add Your Image

Click the Choose Image button

You can either click Choose Files to upload an image from your computer

Or, if you have already uploaded images, you can choose from one of the images you have previously uploaded

Image Position

This allows you to choose how the image is cropped. Would you like for the crop to be centered? If so, choose Center Center. Would you like for it to be more in the right side in the middle of the image? Choose Right Center.

Here is an image we'll show some examples with.

Right Center Position Example

Center Center Position Example

Text Settings

You can choose to include text above, below or to the right or left of your image and well as how you'd like your image to align to the text.

Type or paste in the text you'd like to include. You can use the text editor to bold, italicize, underline, etc your text as well as control the text placement

Lastly, do add additional images, simply click Add Image and continue on with your customizing

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