How do I publish my drip campaign?

Once you have created all your emails you can publish your automation

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You worked hard crafting this email automation. Schedule, review and publish to turn your email drip campaign on auto-pilot.

Please note:

  • You will not be able to edit your automation title, recipients or page tracking once you publish.

  • You can always edit, test or delete an existing email in an automation as long as it hasn’t sent.

Get started

Click Email Center and then Automations to create drip campaigns using email automation
  • Click the name of the automation that you'd like to add an email

  • Click the "Publish" button

Choose when you want to send the first email in your drip campaign.

  • Send immediately = will send the first email right away

  • Schedule = allows you to set day, time and timezone

  • Click "Publish"

  • Your email automation is now active and your drip campaign is underway.

  • You can make any edits to existing emails but you cannot add additional emails.

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