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Facebook Pixel Setup - iOS 14.5 Update
Facebook Pixel Setup - iOS 14.5 Update

Facebook pixel, business ad manager, access token and URL verification

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Due to the Apple iOS14.5 update effective 2021, you will need to update your Facebook Pixel and Ad Account in order to continue to use those tracking features with TicketSpice.

Update to a Business Ads Manager account from a personal Facebook Ads Manager account.

This first section was used from this independent help article.

  1. Log into your Facebook Account. If you happen to manage multiple accounts, double check you are logged into the account with the personal ad page.

  2. Navigate to the Facebook Business Suite

  3. Click on Create Account

4. You will complete the Create Your Business Manager Account Steps.

5. Complete the Business Details form

Now it's Business Ad Syncing Time

1. Click on the Marketing option in the side menu.

2. Search for Facebook Custom Audience and click on Sync.
3. Click on Ad Account Settings

4. Select your Business Ad Manager and click on Save

5. Select your Static List.

Note: To use Facebook Custom Audience effectively, your "Static List" must have 300 or more contacts. Click here to learn how to create a Static List.

6. Select your Business Ad Account and click Save

7. You have completed the first part of the process.

Create an Access Token For the Facebook Pixel

Why is this important: This access token will authenticate your accounts between the systems.

  1. To create an access token that will be pasted into the TicketSpice system.
    A. Go to Event Manager within the Business Account login.
    B. Create a Pixel, follow step 1 on this Help Article.
    C. Select the Settings Tab within the Pixel

    D. Find the Conversion API section, under Set up manually, and click Get Started.

Manually Set Up Conversions API

1. Event Selection: Currently this system supports the use of: Add To Cart, Complete Registration, Initiate Checkout and Purchase.

2. Select Event Details: This will be updated later with more specifics.

3. Review and confirm the setup.

4. Manually Implement the API Yourself by clicking on the Open Implementation Guide.

5. Click on Generate An Access Token.

6. Copy the token and save it somewhere you can find it later. It is not retrievable but you can create new tokens in the future if you misplace it.

7. Copy the Access Token code into your TicketSpice page Facebook tracking access token space. Also, place your Pixel ID in there as well.
- The Pixel ID will be found under the Settings Tab of your FB Pixel.
- Don't click the Track Registration option unless you know what it does.

- This will need to be repeated for all of the TicketSpice Pages you want to track.

8. Finally, save your TicketSpice event page and publish if you are ready.

Verify the URL with the Meta-tag Verification.

  1. Be in your account.

  2. Navigate to the Business Settings.

  3. Click on Brand Safety and then the Domains, subcategory.

  4. Click the Add Button and enter your TicketSpice domain. The domain will be, “”
    - Here is how to find your account subdomain. Help Article (No need to change your subdomain, unless you want to.)
    - Leave the Organization Details page open in your TicketSpice account, you will return soon.

  5. Once you “add domain” you will have an unverified domain.
    -Select the Meta-tag Verification option.

  6. Copy the string of information by hovering your mouse over the meta name section and copy it. Paste it into a word doc.
    - It should look like this, but your string will be unique: <meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="uwzqgpui207d0g44t5fwflvyvese9k" />

  7. Go back to your TicketSpice Organization Details page. It’s the same place as your Subdomain.

  8. Click on Manage Account Meta Tags

  9. Click on the Add button for TicketSpice. You will now use that unique string of information.
    - Key will be the Meta Name: facebook-domain-verification
    - Value will be the Content: uwzqgpui207d0g44t5fwflvyvese9k

  10. Click on your Dashboard button at the top left of your TicketSpice account.

  11. Finally, navigate back to your Facebook Business Account page where you copied the Meta-tag from and click the Verify button.

  12. Your domain should verify but Facebook says finding the meta-tag code can take up to 72 hours.

Nailed it GIF from The Office

Your Facebook Ad Manager account and TicketSpice account are now linked to track using the Facebook Pixel. Great job at setting everything up.

Connect with our team in chat if you have questions about this process.


My Facebook Pixel is showing, Missing Purchase User Data Parameters, Missing AddToCart user data parameters, and events not matching. What does this mean?

  1. If your event is free or the check out is $0, the Purchase and Add To Cart triggers are not activated b/c a financial transaction must take place.

  2. TicketSpice sends only financial data and not personal data

  3. Customers are using personal data blockers and not sending over information.

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