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Ticket Time Slots
Ticket Time Slots
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This article will cover...

  • Adding Time Slots

  • Customizing Time Slots

Adding Time Slots

Select Add Time Slot in the builder.

Set the starting time and the desired interval length.

Use the plus icon to populate each time slot.

When you have your time slots set, they will appear as a sub-category to select on the live page.

Note: The selections of each ticket type will count towards the capacity set for the time slot.

Customizing Time Slots

Add a new action by selecting "create your first action" or selecting the plus icon.

Create an action based upon the scenario that best fits your event needs:

Scenario 1: Display a specific ticket level based upon Time Slot selection.

For when you would like to create ticket levels that are specific to a certain time slot.

Scenario 2: Hiding Time Slots by Ticket Date Selection.

For when there is a specific ticket date selection that you do not want to offer for a certain time slot.

Scenario 3: Hiding Time Slots by Specific Date (no longer on sale).

For when there is a date you would like to cut off ticket sales for a specific time slot in order to prepare ahead of time.

Save your action(s) and publish your changes.

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