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API documentation and how to generate an API Key to use the API

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TicketSpice offers a Rest API for polling information collected through pages. You can review detailed documentation here: 

Using the API

To use the API you will need API Keys. Please follow the following steps to create API keys from your account.

Step 1: Go under Extras in the main navigation and choose Integrations

Step 2: Click on the button to Add API Key

Step 3: Give Your API A Reference Name 

Step 4: Hit Update Key button to close the window. 

Note, you may have to refresh the page to see the newly generated API Key.


  • I am going to need more than the daily or burst limit that is set, can that be increased?

    We often times find that customers hit our limit when they are doing operations such as pulling down all the records every xx minutes, as opposed to using query params to reduce the number of calls. Reducing the amount of requested data leads to faster integration times as well as reduced usage counted toward limits.

    Some common best practices include when using the API:

    • Instead of pulling down all orders each day, consider using the dateUpdated param to only grab orders that have been updated since you last pulled.

    • Instead of grabbing all items and locally filtering in your app, consider using formId to only receive the data you need.

  • Can I post records/info/registrants into TicketSpice via the API from an external source?

    At this time you are not able to post records, info or registrants into TicketSpice via the API. Our API largely only supports reading data via GET requests. There are a few minor exceptions where we allow posting of data.

  • Do you offer custom integration and API support?

    In order to utilize our API you do have to have a working knowledge of REST API's and the tools to use them. If you need guidance on finding something in the API documentation or think something is not functioning as intended our support team is happy to help field your questions. We do not provide support for developing or maintaining custom integrations using our API however.

  • Is the daily/burst limit per API key or per account?
    API rate limits, both burst (15min) and Daily (24hr) are tied to the account not the API key. If you plan on utilizing multiple integrations, make sure to consider both when planning usage. Rates are reset automatically daily at 0:00 UTC

  • Can I pull more than 50 records at a time?
    Yes, you can pull more than 50 records at a time with the API. The limit of records that can be pulled at a time is 250 but the default limit is 50 unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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