Requesting PCI Compliance Documents
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We understand your organization may need to show proof of compliance in order to use our products. Upon request for existing customers, we can provide a number of documents to satisfy approval processes, audits and compliance reviews. 

The documents available include PCI certification, AOC's, SAQs, SOC 2 reports, quarterly scan results and more. To request access to this documentation and others, please submit your request here to our security team.

Additional Information About Our Security and Scope

Our software is PCI compliant and we attest to PCI-DSS SAQ A-EP. Our software utilizes a number of PCI vendors in the scope of handling, transmitting and processing credit card transactions to add additional layers of protection against intrusion and breach. 

What is your scope when using our products

Your organization may still need to undergo PCI verification, but if all your online transactions are done with our products and you do not process credit card transactions in your office or through any other web applications, you may be able to self assess your compliance easily by attesting to an SAQ-A - which means you have completely outsources all cardholder data processing functions and have no electronic storage, processing, or transmitting of card holder data. You can learn more about how PCI compliance might affect you by visiting this link

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