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What is the difference between RegFox and TicketSpice?
What is the difference between RegFox and TicketSpice?
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If you're not sure if you should use TicketSpice or RegFox, this quiz will help you decide. 

How much data will you be collecting per registrant?

RegFox is designed to collect lots of information for every person who registers - including their name, address, e-mail, session choice, meal choice, T-shirt size, waivers, job descriptions, room choice, and much, much more. 

Typically used for Conferences, Camps, Merchandise Sales, Classes, Conventions 

TicketSpice is designed to gather a little information for every person who registers. While you have the option to ask for data for each registrant, most clients ask for name only. 

Typically used for Concerts, Music Festivals, Shows, Exhibits, Galas 

Do you need a printed confirmation or a ticket?

RegFox will print a single confirmation for the group with a list of the registrant's selection.

TicketSpice will print individual tickets for each person.

Will you need any of the listed features that are product specific?

RegFox: Waitlist, Deposits, Sessions, Membership Manager 

TicketSpice: Responsive Quantity Boxes, Box Office App, Reserved Seating

Note: You have access to both products with one login. So feel free to use either or both!

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