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Enabling the Help Nav Feature on your form will give your attendees the option to resend their own confirmation e-mail, easily login to their existing attendee account, and/or contact you with questions.  

To use it, hover over the header field and toggle the option on.

Here, you can enable one or all of the options.

Once you're done, save + publish the changes. When a attendee clicks Resend Confirmation, they will see this screen: 

This makes it easy for them to get their own confirmation if they misplaced or never received the original.

When an attendee clicks Login, they will see this screen: 

When they enter the e-mail and password for their Attendee Account, the page will automatically populate with their saved information. Or they can select Go to Account Manager to leave the page and view their registration history instead.

Finally, they can click Contact to see this screen: 

Here they will find whatever contact information you provide for them. This will improve the attendee experience and ensure you never miss a sale because they got stuck and couldn't contact you. 

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