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Add Fields To Your Ticket Levels

Selecting Add A Question For Ticket Level will open a menu of ticket question options - this will require the question for each ticket selected.

For this example, I will select to add the name field.

Now when the customer selects 3 tickets, the name field will populate 3 times.

Note: Select Edit Ticket Information to edit the ticket levels, fees, capacity, and prices. Learn more about formatting your ticket levels here.

Add Fields To Your Page

Hover over your page (below the ticket box) to view the pencil, trash can, and plus icons. 

Select the pencil icon to edit a field. 

Select the trash can icon to delete a field. 

Note: NEVER delete a field off a published page as it can impact your reporting - you will be asked to type 'delete' to confirm the choice to delete was intentional.

Select the plus icon to add a new field. This will open your full menu of options.

Click and drag any field to move it.

Note: Custom fields cannot be dragged above the ticket box. 


Do I have to add the fields one at a time?

You can add multiple fields at one time by hitting the plus icon, then selecting this option: 

Why am I seeing a different menu? 

There are 3 menus on a builder - the header menu, body menu, and footer menu. Each contains the fields that can be added to the selected section.

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