Yay! This is a successful payment. It was accepted and it's on it's way to your bank account.  

Pending Offline 

This means a cash/check payment is en route to you. This will not pull into your reporting or count toward your event capacity until you notate the funds are received. Once you have the money, you can switch the status to completed.


This means the form of payment was not approved by the payment provider. Some common reasons would be mistyped information (zip code, province, CVV, etc.), insufficient funds, or denied by the bank. Have them verify their information and try again or use a different card.  


This means the payment was cancelled. If the payment is voided before funds have settled (typically a 24 hour process), then no processing will take place. If the payment is voided after it has settled, then the funds will be processed and refunded. 


This means the transaction has been approved by the gateway but not yet billed. 


This means a transaction has been created and is in the process of sending to your gateway. 

Gateway Error 

This means the payment failed. Most likely caused by payment gateway's connection. It is possible (but not likely) that the payment is still pending or accepted on the gateway side. If you see this error, first login to check the status of your gateway. If needed, our support team can assist you in addressing the error. 


This means the payment failed due to an error outside of the payment gateway. If you see this, please screenshot it and contact support to assist you. 


This means a transaction has been disputed by the cardholder. Chargebacks occur for a variety of reasons: the cardholder may not recognize the purchase, the item the cardholder received may not be what was advertised, etc. You generally have the opportunity to contest or concede the chargeback. If you decide to contest the chargeback, you will need to supply specific evidence based on the chargeback type.

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