You can add as many users to your account as you need. This article will show you how to add a user, limit user permissions, and revoke a user. 

Add A User 

To add a user to the account, select Users from your main menu. 

Select Invite A New User. 

Limit User Permissions

If you'd like to grant full access - Plug in the name and email, then Send Invite. 

If you'd like to grant limited access - Toggle to NO and limit the permissions. 

Set User Permissions To Access Specific Pages

If you'd like to grant full access - Plug in the name and email, then Send Invite.

You can setup permissions so that Users can only view specific pages by selecting NO for Grant full access with all privileges to anything, and selecting Yes for Setup Access to specific pages.

Make sure you deselect the User options at the top of the page.

Next, deselect the Global Form Permission options.

You will now see all of your Event Pages in your account.

Search for the Event Page you want them to access and select the permissions that you want that User to have.

Select Send Invite to confirm their permissions.

Invitee Perspective

In their inbox, they will receive an email that looks like this.

They can select the link in the message.

They enter their details.

And then they are logged in!

View. Manage. Delete.

Hover over each permission to see a description of what they allow.

  • Manage Setting: allows Users to create, edit, and archive/delete pages.

  • Publish Setting: allows Users the ability to publish a page.

  • Report Setting: allows Users to run reports and view most page analytics.

  • Financials Setting: allows Users the ability to see transaction amounts and run financial reports.

Revoke A User 

To revoke a User, select Revoke and confirm. 

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