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We’ve partnered with leading data providers who use over 50+ billion online and offline data points across 10 different categories to enrich the your customer data with actionable insights and trends.

Why should I use Contact Insights?

Every day, leading organizations are using data enrichment to advance their business. Here is how you can leverage data to advance your events.

  • Discover key demographic profiles to inform your marketing and advertising efforts

  • Identify interest groups, niches, and common affinities within your base

  • Build segments around interests or demographics and send targeted offers

  • Modify your offering, optimize pricing and refine your messaging

  • Attract sponsor and partner with statistical proof of your customer base

What are some key benefits of Contact Insights?

  • You can learn helpful insights about your customers including:

    • Age Range

    • Gender

    • Number of Children

    • Income

    • Education

    • Interests

    • Linkedin & X (Twitter) profile photos, bios and links.

  • You can filter and export a list of contacts using multiple criteria. You can then use our Email Center emails, Email Automation drip campaigns or other platforms to message your customers.

It’s important to note - Contact Insight data is used for filtering only. The export does not include this data. It includes the contact information you have from previous registrations or information you’ve entered.

  • You can view individual contact profiles for specific details about your customers including social media profile photo, bio and links when available.

How much does Contact Insights cost?

Once you upgrade your account to add Contact Insights, we'll screen all your contacts using their email address in order to enrich them with helpful insights. This includes all your contacts across any of our products you use.

  • Your contacts will be enriched with 3rd party data insights within minutes or hours depending on the number of contacts you have in your account.

  • On average, 55%-65% of all contacts can be enriched with available 3rd party data.

  • New customers and contacts are enriched in real time.

  • You only pay per enriched contact $0.10 each, plus $9 per month.

An active plan is required each month to maintain real time enrichment and filters

How do I enable Contact Insights on my account?

  • After logging in, visit the Contacts link in the navigation bar

  • Click the "Get Insights" button in the Insights sidebar

  • View your cost estimate and click the "Enrich my contact data"

  • Return to the Contacts page and we'll update you on progress. You'll be able to then filter your contacts using the enriched data.

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