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Already Scanned Tickets

What to do when a ticket says already scanned and turns red

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The RED SCREEN!!!! There is nothing to worry about when the already scanned red screen shows up.

When the person that is scanning tickets gets the red screen the TicketSpice scanning app has built-in features to help in the moment.

Here is how to troubleshoot.

  1. On the same screen under the Already Scanned text there is a date, time and device name of the successful scan. This is a quick way to tell the ticket holder when this specific ticket was used.
    Your person working can use the device name to know where it was scanned.

  2. Clicking the View Details button brings you to a different screen with the same information but displayed easier to read. This is a good screen to use with the customer to show them the same information during the discussion.

    The scan history displays:
    A. The check mark is the successful scan.
    B. The X is when the already scanned screen showed up.

Digging Deeper with scan history through reports

In the event you need to dive into the data of ticket scans here are the steps to find the information you need. This is also helpful when the situation is not live and you can't scan the QR code with the App.

  1. Navigate your way to Reports at the top, click on Exports, and then Tickets.

  2. Select the Page Name and the fields you will need are: Ticket ID, Entry Scans, Total Scans, First Scan Date, Last Scan Date, Last Scan Device, Billing Last Name, and Email.

  3. Next, navigate your way to Scan Log export located at the top of your screen.

  4. Export everything.

  5. While viewing both of these files independently, use the last name to find the order you are looking for. Look at the Total Scan column to find the ticket(s) that have a higher number than 1 and copy the Ticket ID.

  6. View the Scan Log file, order the Ticket ID in A-Z order, and search for the Ticket ID, you should see the same amount of highlights as scans.

  7. Here you will be able to see the Date and Time of each scan, the scan result and the Device Name.

  8. This is all the information you will need to prove to any person that is questioning the scan history.

  9. In the Scan Log every type of action is logged. Every scan, invalid scan, already scanned, and a ticket scan reset. You can view the whole historical scan journey of each individual ticket.

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