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Introducing Tracking links

This feature is designed to give you a way to share unique URLs to your page that will secretly track the source and origination of the order. This may be commonly referred to as affiliate link tracking or promo link tracking. You give a reference name for the link and a short code tracker, and the system provides a copy-paste of the URL to share with the code in the URL. When shared, these links will preserve the code and reference in a hidden way that is presented on export.

Edit a page and go under Promote and see a new option for Tracking Links

2: Create a new link by providing a reference name.

3: When saving, the interface provides you the exact URL to copy and share with the link formatted correctly.

**Note - if the page is not published yet, only the code syntax is displayed. Publishing will give the full URL

4: On actions on the left side, there is a new condition for tracking link. You can select the specific tracking link you want to create an action with. Then on the right side you can set the action such hide / show, apply discount, set price, etc.

5: To find the codes of your orders, export the orders or registrations and the tracking link reference will be present in the export allowing you to issue payouts or commissions.

We do not display a web based report of usage yet

  • Currently you cannot edit, apply, or remove a tracking link associated with an existing order. This is going to be addressed soonish

  • We do not track website views and traffic yet, but we will work towards that in the future

  • We do not issue any payouts directly to affiliates. Any commissions or payouts occur outside our system

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