How are clicks, tickets and sales calculated?

These helpful insights will help you determine how your drip campaign is performing

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If you choose to track registrations that are associated with your automation, the results are displayed in near real-time as your recipients interact with your emails and make purchases.

Get started

Click Email Center and then Automations to create drip campaigns using email automation
  • Click the name of the automation that you'd like to learn more about

  • You can see Recipients, Clicks, Tickets and Sales

  • Recipients

    • The number of recipients who were sent the email

  • Clicks

    • The number of unique recipients who click in the email at least once.

  • Tickets

    • The total number of tickets purchased by all recipients before the next email is sent.

  • Sales

    • Total amount of orders made by all recipients before the next email is sent. This includes any add-ons and fees paid by the customer but does not include Purchase Protection if enabled.

If the billing email entered in an order matches the email address in your automation, ticket and sales calculations will be included.

Refunds or cancellations will automatically change the ticket count and sales totals.

  • Ticket and Sales totals include order statuses of:

    • Completed

    • Pending Offline

    • Pending Final

    • Waitlisted

    • Pre-Registration.

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