Editing Your Pages Settings Tab

Learning more about your Settings Tab

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Editing your Title and URL

To edit your URL, select Basic Setup from your Settings dropdown.

Our urls are formatted - (subdomain).ticketspice.com/(custom URL)

You can update the page URL here:

After you've published, you can see your page URL listed here:

Note: If you've already taken a transaction on the live page, both the old and new URLs will be valid.

ProTip: When setting up your page, make sure your TimeZone is in the correct TimeZone.

Start by clicking on the TimeZone tab.

Then choose the correct TimeZone for your Event.

Setting up your DATE:

Select Dates from your settings dropdown.

If left blank, the page will default to open.

The Event dates will pull into the attendee's calendar, a feature included on the confirmation page.

The Registration dates will open and close the page.

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