Using Square as a Payment Processor
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Square is a custom payment processor that is compatible with TicketSpice. In this article, we will cover:

Custom Payment Processor Fee & Billing

There is a 1% custom processor fee to use this payment processor. Both the 1% and the $0.99/ticket will be billed monthly to a card on file.

Cost Summary: $0.99/ticket + 1% + Square processing fees

Set Up

Under your organization settings, click “Payment Processor”

Click “Add Payment Processor”

Select Square

Click “Link Square Account”

Note: “Reference Label” is what you want to label your gateway so when you publish your page, you can easily find the processor you want to publish to.

You will be directed to Square’s login.

Use your Square credentials to login to Square. Logging into Square will link your Square account to your Ticketspice account.

Once you sign in, you will be redirected here where you see your Square processor listed as a payment processor option.

If successfully linked, you can now publish your pages to this Square Gateway to process through. If you already have a published page, you will need to change the gateway on that page to Square to process any new transactions through Square. Here is how to switch a gateway on a page currently published.

Confirm your Square Account is Successfully Linked

To know if your Square account successfully connected, click “Edit” on your Square Gateway:

You will see a Status: Active if it is successfully linked to your Ticketspice account.

If your Square account is not successfully linked, you will see Status: Pending.
And you have the ability to click the “Link Square Account” button to attempt to login again.


Will this sync my inventory?

Linking your Square as a processor only allows payments to be processed through your Square Account. We do not send over any itemized information or deduct inventory from your Square account. We send over transaction information.

I am getting declines with an error message “Missing Required Parameter”

This means your Square processor is not successfully linked. Follow these steps to confirm your payment processor is successfully linked.

What is my refund window?

Refunds processed must be requested and completed within 120 of the original transaction.

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