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Creating a Navigation Bar Menu on your Page that can jump to sections on your registration page or link out to external sites.

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The header field provides a way for you to create a navigation bar menu for your registrants.

First, edit your Header:

Scroll Down to Navigation:

The Navigation section allows you to add clickable links that can jump the registrant to different sections of the page, take them to external web links, or links to an email.

Once you add each link, your navigation will appear in the header:

The registrant can click on the link and be taken to a section on the page or to an external site in a new window:

Our help navigation, which appears as the top menu, allows you to enable settings that can allow the registrant to:

  • Resend Confirmations to themselves

  • Transfer their Registration to someone else

  • Login to their account or pre-fill basic information on the page

  • Show contact info of your event

  • Provide Lodging & Hotel Options or information

You can enable or disable any of these settings up to your preference.

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