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Can I Add A Season Pass To My Page?

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Season Tickets are designed to remove scan restrictions for Multi-day events. For more information about our different Event Types click here.

Getting Started

To start, you'll want to ensure that you are set up on the proper event type before adding this feature to your page:

  • Date-Based Calendar,

  • Date-based list, or

  • Series of Events.

Turn On Season Tickets

To enable the Season Pass function select the "Edit Ticket Information" button:

Next, scroll to the bottom of the field and select "Add Season Pass"

Once complete, season pass ticket holders will be able to be admitted to all of your Multi-day events within that single event page.

When scanning a season ticket with the TicketSpice scanning app they will not receive a notification that their ticket has already been scanned.

Needs To Know:

  • The season pass function will not be included in event capacity if the venue you'll be using has capacity restraints use caution before adding this feature to your page.

  • Season passes will not work across multiple event pages.

  • You can enter multiple scan tokens when logging into the scanning app. This allows you to scan all the available tickets associated with each of those event page scan tokens. Click to learn more about the scan app.


"Are there any extra fees associated with the season pass feature?"

Nope, The existing fee structure remains. $0.99 per ticket and 2.99% per transaction if you use our In-House Payment Processor WePay.

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