Want to create a Hybrid event?

How It Works

  • It allows you to create a Virtual TicketSpice Live event that works with enabling our Scanning App.

  • This is currently only compatible with our Virtual Event Pro you can find more information about that here.

  • It is currently feature locked, please email us at: team@ticketspice.com, to unlock Virtual Events Pro into your account.

  • Please note: Virtual Events Pro have the following pricing structure: there is an additional $1 per attendee per day.

  • It allows you to create a Virtual Event Live event as well as enabling our Scanning App.

Getting Started

Create a New Page

Enter your Event Name, Date, Average Attendee Numbers, select Virtual Event, and select Next

Select Hybrid Events

Next, you'll design your page, we go into detail on how to do that here.

Once completed, you'll want to add your Ticket Levels. Please note: you'll want to determine which ticket levels are your Virtual Sessions and which is ticket levels are for In-Person.

This Help Article walks you through how to add your Ticket Levels. Next you'll need to setup your Virtual Event Links.

Create an Event Schedule

Select Virtual Event

Select Schedule

Select Add Session to create your Virtual Event schedule and add details for the Session

Scroll down to Ticketing Options in the Session to set who can see what content.

Select Restrict by ticketing options and/or page sessions and choose what Virtual Ticket Level is allowed to see that Virtual content.

Repeat this for as many Sessions as you need. This is what the entire process for Adding a Session looks like.

Now All of your Virtual Ticket Levels are attached to their Virtual links and your In Person Ticket Levels are available for your Attendees who will meet in Person.

How To Prepare For The Day of Your Event

Now you have two groups of Attendees who will be watching your event: one group in person and another group virtually. Next, we'll get you ready to host both types of attendees.

In-Person Attendees

Attendees who will come in-person will do the following:

  • Purchase a ticket on your TicketSpice Page,

  • Receive an Email Confirmation,

  • Arrive at your Venue,

  • Scan the QR code at the door, and

  • Attend your event.

To attend an In-Person event your attendees are given a QR Code in their Email Confirmation that can be scanned using our TicketSpice Scanning App.

You'll need to setup our TicketSpice Scanning App. Click here to setup and use our Scanning App for your check-in process.

Virtual Attendees

Attendees who will attend virtually will do the following:

  • Purchase a ticket on your TicketSpice Page,

  • Receive an Email Confirmation,

  • The day of your event, they will select the Access Virtual Event on the Ticket Level that they want to watch, and

  • Attend your event virtually.

Luckily, you already setup the links for your Virtual Events when you created your schedule. Here's what your Virtual Attendees will see: they access your Virtual Event via your Email Confirmation Page, It looks like this:

They are given two options:

  1. Complete My Profile and,

  2. Access Virtual Event

Both allow them to Access your Virtual Event, they will enter their First and Last Name, Email, and Select Save to Sign In:

Next, they will be sent a link to their email to Access the Virtual Event. Simply, click a link in the Email they've received:

There are a few prompts they can answer and then gain access to your Virtual Event:

Great job! Now you've setup your first Hybrid Event!

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