These customizations will be visible to the ticket holder when viewing their ticket from their confirmation page, and when the ticket is printed. This can be helpful in communicating details regarding their ticket and the event itself.

This article will cover...

  • Editing your Event Information

  • Customizing your Ticket Content

  • Uploading a Sponsor Image

  • Previewing your Ticket

Note: This is only for In-Person events.

Edit Event Information

To customize your ticket, select Ticket in the navigation bar.

The first portion of the page allows you to customize the ticket related info on the page:

  • Heading - A simple greeting

  • Page Name - The name of your event

  • Event Date - The software will automatically populate this date

  • Location Information - The venue and address of your event

  • Logo - An image to represent your organization and branding

*These fields are not required to match this format.

The name of the Ticket Level and Purchase Information will be automatically populated by the software, per ticket. These details are determined by the ticket selection and the ticket holder information provided in the order.

*The greyed out text represents areas of the ticket that cannot be edited.

Customize the Ticket's content.

This is useful for including event-specific details and directions.

Below this section is where you have the option to include a sponsor logo.

Pro tip: To include more than one, use a photo-editing tool like PIXLR to combine your sponsor images into one single image.

Preview Your Ticket

To get an idea of what your ticket looks like while customizing it, select the Preview Ticket link at the top right-hand corner of the page.


Q: What size should my logo be?

A: At most 215 pixels tall (Logos will be resized to a maximum height of 215 pixels)

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