Kindful is a donor management platform designed to help nonprofits grow. This article will teach you how to integrate Webconnex products with the Kindful platform.

Select Integrations under Extras in your main menu.

Select Add Integration then select Kindful.

Select Connect and enter your login details.

After the two applications are linked, you can choose which pages you'd like to have data sent to Kindful.

Note: The status will be off. We will not send data to Kindful until the integration has been turned on. This will give you a chance to test your form without sending bad data to the Kindful database.

Finally, you'll know the data was successfully sent from our system when you see the green check.

If it wasn't sent, you will see an error symbol. This will help you troubleshoot any potential issues with the integration.

Note: Starting from Kindful

Select Apps. Select Connect under the Webconnex Integration.

It will direct you to your Webconnex login. Use the steps listed above to complete the integration.


How can I contact Kindful's support?

You can e-mail them at or call them at 888-854-3230.

How do I know if data is being sent to Kindful?

You will see a green check by the data that is sent to Kindful. If it's not appearing on the Kindful site, contact their support.

What information is sent via the webhook?

Transaction Information: Billing name, Order ID, Payment method, Billing address, Card date (if applicable), Bank Info (if applicable), Billing phone number

Registration Information: Registration ID, Registration Status, and all Registration fields selected by the registrant

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