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This article will cover... 

  • Saving Current Themes

  • Creating New Themes

  • Updating Existing Themes

  • FAQs

Saving Current Themes 

You can save design elements to your Theme Gallery for future use on other pages. A theme includes everything under the design settings, the logo, and the header section above your page's registration block. 

When creating new pages, you will then be able to select from System Themes or Your Themes.

To save a theme for future use, select Save Theme from your Design Settings menu.

Give the theme a name, upload images, and click save to save the theme in the library.

This will save the theme into your library to use for future use.

Creating New Themes

To create a new theme, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a new page. 

  2. Tweak the design on that page (Add new banner images, update color schemes, add background images, etc) then save by following the steps above.  

Note - Once you create and save a theme, you can delete the page or use the page to tweak and create new design themes. Design Themes, once saved, do not need a page to exist. The page is just the vessel to create and save the theme in the gallery. 

Updating Existing Themes

In case you have a saved theme in the gallery you would like to update, follow these steps: 

  1. Copy an existing page using that theme. 

  2. Make the desired design changes and click Save Theme under Design Settings. 

  3. In the Save Theme Modal, select Update an Existing Theme. 

  4. Select the theme you would like to update.

  5.  Keep or update the name and images.

  6. Click Save to override the previous theme. 


What is the Desktop Image and Mobile Image in the Save Theme modal? 

This is asking for what the theme looks like on desktop and mobile so that they can be preview images in the gallery. Reference the System Theme preview images as an example. 

How do I get a desktop image and mobile image for the theme? 

We suggest saving the page and clicking ‘preview’ or ‘publish’ to view the theme on desktop. This allows you to screenshot for the desktop image. For mobile, you can shrink down the browser to mobile size and screenshot or send to a phone and screenshot. 

If I delete a theme or make changes to an existing theme, does that impact past pages using that theme? 

It does not. Any changes made will not be retroactively applied to past pages using the theme.

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