A tester gateway is a fake gateway that allows you to use a dummy credit card so you can test reporting, exports and integrations. This is useful for testing how data is going to save, appear and work without having to charge real cards and refund them. 

Important (!) - Data collected when using a tester gateway cannot be deleted. It is strongly advised you link the tester gateways on a duplicate page instead of your primary registration page.

This article will cover: 

  • Adding A Tester Gateway 

  • Linking The Tester Gateway To Your Test Page 

  • Running Tests On Your Page

  • Common Uses 

  • FAQs

Adding a Tester Gateway

Select Tester (For Testing Only) from the gateway dropdown. 

Input fake gateway credentials (abcdef / 12345) as your ID and Merchant Key. 

Linking the Tester Gateway To Your Test Page

Edit the page you want to link to a tester gateway. When you hit publish, you will see a dropdown to select a gateway. Choose the tester gateway. 

Important (!) When linked to a tester gateway, you page will appear exactly like it will when linked to a real gateway.  Make sure you do not share your page when it is linked to a tester gateways as people will not be able to pay with real cards. 

Running Tests On Your Page 

Complete your page as usual, but when you reach the billing section of your page, enter a dummy credit card of 4111-1111-1111-1111. You can enter expiration date as long as it’s in the future and any cvv. You can also enter any billing name and address you choose. Unlike when using preview mode, when you submit on a page linked to a tester gateway, the data will be saved. 

Please note: Do not use $5 as a transaction amount as it is designed to fake a decline message. See triggering errors using tester gateway at the bottom of this article.

Here is what it should look like when submitting a page with a dummy credit card. 

Common Uses 

The following use cases are helpful for those who use a tester gateway. 

  • Testing 3rd party integrations with Zapier to verify how data appears

  • Examining how exports will work and function with sample data

  • Testing webhooks or API related tests

  • Testing scanning app and process with dummy data


What's the difference between a tester gateway and preview mode?  

If you hit "Preview" you can go through the entire form. It won't charge your card or save/reference any reporting data. You can see the confirmation page and it will send you a confirmation email. That's the best way to test the page flow. 

While running tests with a tester gateway won't charge a card either, it will pull information into the backend reporting. 

Can I delete transactions that were run on a tester gateway?

No, they will function the same as any transaction in your account, which cannot be deleted. We highly recommend running all tests on a copy of your page to prevent any tester data from skewing live reporting and analytics. 

Acceptable Dummy Cards:

Dummy Visa Card: 4111-1111-1111-1111
Dummy American Express: 3782-8224-6310-005
Dummy Mastercard: 5555555555554444

How do I test a decline? 

If you want to trigger an error of a decline with a tester gateway, use a $5 transaction. That will trigger a decline on the page.

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