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Customize the emails your attendees receive under the Emails dropdown in the page builder. This article covers how to setup Confirmation emails.


Customize the email your ticket buyers receive under the Email dropdown in the page builder. 

If enabled, the Confirmation Email will be automatically sent to the ticket buyer when they complete their order. 

Use the form to customize the email's subject line, from name, reply to email, and (optional) BCC yourself or a teammate on the confirmation. 

You can select to copy the same message you wrote for the confirmation page to the confirmation email. 

Or write a custom email in the box.


What is the purpose of the ##registrants and ##billing in the confirmation email?

These codes will automatically pull in a summary of the order and the billing (receipt) details to the confirmation email. They can be removed if that is your preference. The entire process can be tested in preview mode (use your real email to test), so you can view how these options appear to the customer.


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